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Pocket X chip

Pocket-X Chip is patent pending a medical device in the form of a flexible film/chip composed of a Cross Linked Gelatin-Hyaluronic Acid biodegradable matrix intended to improve the healing of the gingiva and to inhibit bacterial re-colonization in the periodontal pocket.


Pocket-X Chip is indicated as an adjunctive treatment with root surface debridement (RSD) or scaling for moderate to severe chronic periodontal disease in adults with pocketing >4mm and as part of the routine periodontal treatment program performed by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Pocket-X Chip facilitates its effect via a physical mode of action. It is inserted into the periodontal pocket after Root planning or cleaning of the pocket from plaque bacteria. Inside the pocket, the flexible matrix, together with Hyaluronic acid, act as a filler for volume restoration thus physically prevent new bacteria from entering and re-infecting the pocket. Within a few days (approximately 7 days), the chip is gradually degraded while new healthy tissue is formed to replace the matrix. The degraded particles are cleared out from the pocket by the flow of saliva.


Octenidine HCl 1mg
Hyaluronic Acid 0.8%

20 Chips